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Silvio Coiante, (1982) is an Italian artist. He currently lives and works in Rome. After studying

at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome, he dedicated himself professionally to the art of graphics, first for advertising, then for publishing.


During his career as an editorial graphic designer, he decides to continue his studies at the same time. In 2009 he graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and in 2019 he attended

the “Mixed media and drawing projects” course in London.


The elements of his training have always emerged in his work and through the dialogue between classical and digital art. The artist’s work aims to a synthesis that, without having to represent every small detail, allows the viewer to imagine the whole subject.


Together with the classical techniques of painting, in his most recent works by him, the artist began

to explore the technique of the Papier Collé. The paper, first painted, then torn, and finally assembled, creates a layered work full of detail. The artist uses the white and irregular marks of the tears – deliberately left visible – to add a sense of imperfection to the image and to remove the shapes from

a simple representation of reality.


The tear becomes the interference between the innate precision and the randomness of the gesture.




2024 • Il momento presente – Atelier S. Cecilia, Pisa, solo exhibition

2024 • Performance “The tear” – La Nuvola Gallery, Rome, solo exhibition

2023 • Assomiglia a qualcuno, ricorda nessuno – Sapzio Urano, Rome, solo exhibition

2023 • Ventuno – NOA. Nuova Officina delle Arti, Rome, group exhibition

2022 • Boh!ouse – Engel & Völkers, Open House, Rome, solo exhibition

2015 • Il segno – Wo-ma’n Home Gallery Rome, solo exhibition

2012 • De Pictura transiti del sublime – Temple University Rome, group exhibition

2011 • H.O.P.E. (edited by) – Camera dei Deputati, Sala delle Regina, group exhibition

2007 • De Pictura. Ricerca di un linguaggio – Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, group exhibition